• Project: Telecom & SCADA Systems of Arsanjan-Kerman Pipeline and 2nd Yazd Pipeline
  • Location: Center & South of Iran
  • Client: IGEDC
  • Contract Type: Review of Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation & Commissioning
  • Started: 2013
  • Status: Ongoing


Implementation of telecommunication and SCADA   system along the Arsanjan-Kerman pipeline and 2nd Yazd pipeline, encompassing different types of stations such as launcher/receiver (L&R), block valve, compressor and interconnection

Main Features

  • Project management along 560 Km pipeline with 48 various geographically distributed telecom stations
  • Integration of different telecommunications and control systems in order to meet voice, data and safety requirements of the pipeline
  • Handling different geo-climatic factors in project execution from Kerman to Arsanjan and also from Safashahr to Yazd.
  • Cooperation with various international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers

Scope of Work

  • Telecommunication systems
    • SDH  fiber optic transmission system along the pipeline
    • Synchronization equipment
    • PCM access equipment
    • Network Management Systems (NMS)
    • Test/Measurement equipment
    • Usage of fiber optic cable (the backbone of the telecommunication network) to provide data network for distribution of voice and data services as well as transmitting the pipeline’s SCADA data
    • VHF conventional radio system enabling mobile communication along the pipeline, and with the control rooms, using required links and antennas
    • Upgrading Conventional VHF system to DMR  tier2
    • PABX telephone and Hotline emergency call system
  • Control systems
    • RTUs  in various stations to acquire pipeline related data and transfer them via fiber optic backbone of the telecommunication network
    • Barriers/Isolators in all stations to separate safe area from Hazardous zone to avoid any explosion caused by sparks
  • Power systems
    • DC power supply and distribution systems to provide the required energy for telecommunication and SCADA systems
    • Solar subsystem to supply green electricity from the sun
    • Providing AC power transmission lines for 14 stations
  • Civil work
    • Construction of 31 telecom buildings in LBV, L/R and CGS stations
    • Telecommunication towers with 12m, 24m and 36m heights.
    • Foundation laying and installation of telecom towers
    • Implementation of grounding and lightning protection systems

Scope of Supply

  • SDH Multiplexer
  • PCM Multiplexer N/A
  • SYNC Equipment
  • NMS
  • Test Equipment : JDSU(USA), Fluke, Bird, Aeroflex
  • RTU
  • VHF radio system/DMR
  • Solar system : Naps (Finland), Morning Star (USA)
  • Battery : Platin Iran (Iran), Hoppecke (Germany)
  • Rectifier/Charger:  PSP (Iran)
  • Barriers/Isolators : GM International (Italy)
  • PABX
  • Tower : Gord Electric (Iran)