Our Story/

Founded in 2004, our company is composed of a group of professional & experienced engineers forming a superior EPC contractor, striving to make effective use of the very best Information, Communication, Industrial Automation and Security technologies to meet the formidable challenge of managing operational and business processes in a safe, secure and integrated manner for leading companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation, and power industries.

We aim at having a major role in secure and sustainable development of the country, Iran, by delivering high value-added integrated and tailor-made total solutions throughout oil and gas, transportation, and power/energy business lines; where communication and control systems have a key role in the optimal performance of the systems, similar to the role the nervous system plays in the human body.

Our mission is to exploit the very best information, communication, and industrial control technologies to provide a safe, sustainable, and efficient context for production, transportation, and processing in the oil and gas industry.

We have the know-how, skills and capabilities to propose and implement optimized communication, telemetry and security solutions designed to help our customers get the most from their business. Besides, we have largely invested in the past few years and made our solutions more scalable, more flexible, and vendor independent.