• Project: Telecommunication Systems of Azadegan Oil Field
  • Location: Azadegan Oil Field, Khuzestan Province, South West of Iran
  • Client: PEDEC
  • Contract Type: Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Installation Management Services
  • Started: 2008
  • Status: Completed


Detailed engineering, procurement and installation management services for the telecommunication systems of the field; also review and modification of the previous designs provided by the prior consultant of the project to match them with the project’s developing needs, as a partner to Sazeh Consultants Co.

Main Features

  • Integration of all voice, video and data communication on wide area network and interfacing to the PSTN and internal transmission backbone of the client.
  • Usage of IP based systems in CCTV and PABX systems with capability of remote access to their data
  • Using safety approved systems to be installed in potentially explosive and hazardous environment
  • Working in a harsh climate area with safety considerations of adjacent mine fields

Scope of Work

  • Telecommunication systems
    • Telephone system: IP based PABX, fax and telephone sets (both indoor, outdoor, explosion and weather proof telephone sets)
    • Public address systems (PA/GA), including explosion proof equipment and separate residential camp PA
    • IP based closed circuit television systems (IP CCTV) in order to have real time video of well head and manholes in local and central control centers
    • Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN data communication systems) via fiber optic physical backbone both in local and central plants
    • Radio coverage for the whole plant area, wellheads and manifold and also access roads by means of UHF trunked radio system and mobile radios
    • Aeronautical navigation radio communications
    • VHF radio coverage along the export pipeline
    • Telecommunication self-support tower and accessories
    • Telecom security systems in plant facilities
    • Residential area entertainment systems
    • Outside plant copper and fiber optic cable
    • Power supplies and power back up