Power Systems/

Providing a reliable, redundant and cost effective power source for all telecommunication, control and security systems is a crucial milestone in successful implementation of every industrial project. The importance increases considerably in utility projects since any minor failure in the power system may cause cease in production and will result in thousands or even millions of dollars of lost revenue. Therefore nearly all projects awarded and executed in the oil & gas, petrochemical and transportation industry include design, procurement, installation and commissioning of power generation, conversion, and distribution as well as protection systems for the proposed networks.

One of the severe challenges for the mentioned industries is provision of reliable power sources as remote geographical location or other restricting factors of the plants makes it almost uneconomical for most of the facilities to connect to the power grid network.

Not intending to enter the power systems’ market as an independent field of work, while being equipped with the knowledge and experience for different technologies and systems, we are completely competent in providing tailor-made, reliable and cost-effective power systems required for safe and reliable operation of vital communication, industrial automation and security networks of our clients; some of which are mentioned below.

Back Bone Networks

  • Power generation & supply
    • Solar systems
    • Thermo-Electric generators (TEG)
    • Power grid networks
    • Diesel generators
    • Battery & UPS system
  • Power conversion
    • Rectifiers & chargers
    • Inverters
    • DC To DC converters
  • Power distribution systems (AC & DC PDB)
  • Protection systems
    • Grounding
    • Lightning protection
    • Surge protection