Kish Security/

  • Project: Electronic Security Systems for IOOC Facilities in Kish Island
  • Location: Kish Island (Persian Gulf)
  • Client: IOOC
  • Contract Type: Procurement, Installation and Commissioning
  • Started: 2009
  • Status: Completed


Equipment of two unmanned CGS  sites and the IOOC central office of Kish Island with an electronic security and surveillance CCTV system; also provision of a secure backbone for CCTV traffic transportation to a monitoring station of the central building using a series of Wavestar spread spectrum radios (5.8 GHz).

Main Features

  • Very harsh climate condition, especially the high temperature and humid weather
  • New technology in transporting video signal with radio backbone system
  • Integration of various security systems using high technology and first class brands in the world

Scope of Work

  • Telecommunication systems
    • Radio transmission system to support monitoring of acquired images from host station cameras in the central office due to occasional presence of operators in remote CGS stations. For this purpose Wavesight Company product has been chosen, which is a ruggedized, secure, intelligent outdoor wireless radio system specially designed for video surveillance applications. This multi-channel radio has wireless range up to 16Km and has compression system including MPEG-4 advanced audio encoding at 16K sample rate and 16bit resolution.
  • Control systems
    • Surveillance cameras (indoor, outdoor), installed to monitor the operation of the facilities, and chosen to have shader resistance for straight rays of sunlight and use line lock technology to synchronize with the frequency clock of AC input voltage supplied by the UPSs.

Scope of Supply

  • CCTV Camera
  • Radio System
  • UPS : Faratel (Iran)
  • Tower : Faratel (Iran)
  • Cables : Simia Cable company (Iran)