• Project: Telecommunication Systems of Fourth National Gas Pipeline (IGAT-IV)
  • Location: Along the Fourth Gas Pipeline from Assaluyeh to Tehran
  • Client: NIGEDC (subsidiary of NIGC )
  • Contract Type: Procurement, Construction and Commissioning + Review of Detailed Engineering
  • Started: 2005
  • Status: Completed


Implementation of telecommunication along the IGAT-IV pipeline with a total length of more than 1200 km, from Assaluyeh to Tehran, in 58 stations including 36 block valves, 10 compressor stations, 5 operation yards, and 7 terminals and central stations, 4 of which -in Assaluyeh, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran- control all communications.

Main Features

  • The first and the largest telecommunication project along gas pipelines in Iran with fiber optic transmission backbone to be carried out by an Iranian contractor
  • The sole fiber optic telecom line between Tehran as the main network management center and Assaluyeh as the main gas production complex in the south part of the country
  • Back up for traffic lines of first, second and third national pipelines
  • Integration of different telecommunications and control services including fiber optic transmission systems, VHF/UHF radio, hotline telephones, solar systems…
  • Project management along 1200 km pipeline with 58 geographically distributed working stations
  • Cooperation with various international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers

Scope of Work

  • Engineering design
    • Modification of the engineering designs due to some necessities
  • Telecommunication systems
    • SDH fiber optic transmission system along the pipeline
    • PCM access equipment
    • Synchronization equipment
    • SDH/PCM network management systems and test equipment
    • Access PDH multiplexers and test equipment
    • Usage of fiber optic cable (the backbone of the telecommunication network) to provide data network and a wide area network connecting all local area networks in central stations and compressor stations
    • VHF radio coverage along the pipeline using required UHF links and telecommunications towers.
    • Hotline telephone and emergency call system
  • Control systems
    • Usage of fiber optic cable as the media to transmit pipeline’s SCADA data including leak detection and pipeline safety data
  • Power systems
    • Power supplies and back up equipment
    • Solar power systems
  • Civil work
    • Telecom building construction for some valve stations
    • Cable laying in some parts of the pipeline
    • Grounding and lightning protection of towers and buildings

Scope of Supply

  • SDH multiplexer
  • PCM Multiplexer
  • Hotline telecom and PABX
  • Synchronization system
  • VHF/UHF radio communication system
  • SOLAR panels
  • Battery : Platin Iran CO. (Iran)
  • UPS : PSP (Iran)
  • DC/AC PDB : Ashtian Tablo (Iran)
  • Telecommunication tower : Gord Electric (Iran)
  • Test Equipment including SDH/PDH analyzer, radio telecom test set, etc.