At the core of all energy & utility facilities, are the communication networks which are essential to safe and reliable operations of a plant. These systems must be capable of meeting new demands whilst remaining serviceable in the most difficult operating conditions.

Through our vast knowledge of almost all communication technologies and systems, we have the know-how, skills and capability to propose and implement optimized communication solutions, designed to help our customers get the most out of their business via enhanced productivity, safety and security of operations.

Our solutions encompass the following.

Back Bone Networks

  • Fiber Optic Networks
    • NG-SDH
    • Add & Drop Multiplexer
    • Synchronization Network
    • Network Management Systems
    • Industrial Ethernet
    • Fiber Optic Cables
    • Burial
    • Ductile
    • Aerial
  • Microwave Radio Networks
    • Digital & Analog
    • SDH, PDH
    • PTP & PMP
    • Spread Spectrum
  • High Speed Industrial Data Communication Networks
  • Satellite Networks

Access Networks

  • Personal Mobile Radio (VHF/UHF)
    • Conventional & Trunk (Analog and TETRA)
  • Paging systems
  • LAN & WAN
  • PABX, VoIP & Hot Line
  • Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA)
  • Aeronautical & Marine Radio Communications
    • VHF Marine radio
    • VHF Aeronautical radio
  • Navigation & Navigation Aids Systems
    • Non Directional Beacons
    • RACON
    • Meteorological Systems