• Project: Telecommunication and SCADA Systems of West Ethylene Pipeline
  • Location: South, Southwest and West of Iran
  • Client: NPC
  • Contract Type: Basic and Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
  • Started: 2008
  • Status: Ongoing


Design and implementation of telecommunication and SCADA systems, to centrally supervise and facilitate effective, reliable and safe operation of the pipeline.

Main Features

  • A first priority national project
  • Developing telecommunications network along the longest ethylene pipeline in the world
  • Integrating various telecom systems in order to meet voice, data, safety data and video conference requirements of the pipeline
  • Integrating supervisory monitoring, safety systems, and telecom backbone systems
  • Vast geographical area for project execution including all provinces along the west border of Iran
  • Different geoclimatic factors in project execution

Scope of Work

  • Telecommunication systems
    • SDH fiber optic transmission system along the pipeline
    • PCM access equipment
    • Synchronization equipment
    • SDH/PCM network management systems and test equipment
    • Test equipment
    • Usage of fiber optic cable (the backbone of the telecommunication network) to provide data network for distribution of voice and data services as well as transmitting the pipeline’s SCADA data such as PCS/DCS/ESD data from the RTUs and ESDs located on the LBV stations and CSs.
    • SDH microwave radio links, proposed as an option to the client providing more data path protection in spite of 1+1 protected state of the SDH equipment
    • UHF/VHF analog trunk radio coverage system to enable mobile communication along the pipeline and between the pipeline mobiles and central control rooms (CCRs) as well as local control rooms (LCRs)
    • PABX and hotline telephone system to provide direct access voice and data between the main control rooms and each compressor station, valve station, and metering and pressure regulating station. Besides, point-to-point MW radios are recommended as optional communication paths.
  • Control systems
    • Data gathering systems (RTUs), installed in metering and pressure regulating stations, compressor stations, LBV s and L/R  stations
    • A two-layer SCADA system having 3 MCCs  and 8 LCCs   , where information from all RTUs along the pipeline is sent to the local and main control centers for processing using SCADA, ESD , and LDS  software
    • SIL-3 safety system for pipeline ESD , requiring a separate Ethernet over fiber optic path -provided using industrialized switches- for conveying safety information and commands
  • Power systems
    • DC power supply and distribution systems to provide the required energy for telecommunication and SCADA systems.
    • Solar and TEG equipment: proposed as optional systems to the client
  • Civil work
    • Construction of 77 telecom buildings in block valve stations
    • Foundation laying and installation of telecom towers
    • Implementation of grounding and lightning protection systems

Scope of Supply

  • SDH Multiplexer
  • SYNC Equipment
  • Network Management System
  • Leak Detection Software
  • RTU
  • Ethernet Switches
  • ESD System
  • Central / Local control equipment
  • PABX & Hotline Telephone system
  • VHF Trunk Base Station and Mobile Radios
  • Battery : PlatinIran (Iran)
  • Rectifier/Charger : PSP (Iran)