In order to become a well-established General Contractor (GC) in the oil & gas, transportation and energy industries, we decided to build up our expertise in the field of civil engineering, as many of such industries’ projects comprise of extensive civil activities, ranging from trenching, cable laying and laying tower foundations to construction of telecommunication and control buildings etc. Therefore, a competent and professional team of civil & construction engineers has been formed to accomplish and deliver all civil activities such as planning, primary investigation, basic & detail design, construction management and site supervision within our projects, while we do not consider the construction industry as an independent field of work.

Due to specific storage and operational requirements of telecommunication and control systems, communication buildings have particular features which are not present in other types of buildings. Although these buildings usually are of small dimension and do not include structural complexities, their geographical dispersion obliges a special approach for project planning, management and supervision.

With the experience accumulated after successful design and construction of more than 180 telecommunication and control buildings in different geographical areas and terrains, we are now capable of executing tailor-made and cost effective buildings for these specific purposes, so that safe and reliable operation of vital communication and control equipment could be guaranteed. Our provided services are listed below.

Primary Observation (Phase 0)

  • Site Visit
  • Site Surveying & Mapping
  • Topographic Investigation in construction area
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Planning & Schedule for Implementation

Design (Phase 1)

  • Basic: Architectural & Structural design
  • Detail: Preparation of Drawings, Procedures, Check lists, Manuals & etc.

Construction (Phase 2)

  • Telecommunication building construction
  • Fiber optic cable implementation
    • Trench excavation
    • Fiber laying
    • Fusion splicing
    • Backfilling and completion
  • Tower foundation erection
  • Site handover