• Project: SCADA Systems of Khangiran Gas Field
  • Location: Khangiran District, Sarakhs, Iran
  • Client: ICOFC
  • Contract Type: Review of Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Started: 2008
  • Status: Completed


Design and implementation of a SCADA system to centrally supervise and control all 32 sour gas wellheads and their corresponding data gathering centers of Khangiran gas field, replacing the current system of local operation of wells by human and providing a robust, reliable and fast supervisory/control network.

Main Features

  • The first on-shore upstream oil and gas SCADA network in Iran
  • Interfacing with various types of the existing and mostly old PLCs and control panels
  • Critical importance of the operation of the field with minimum shut-down time
  • Total revamping of old control panels and combination of RTU/PLC functionalities in a very critical application
  • Implementation of a secure and robust network for future voice and data applications, including video conferencing, CCTV, VoIP, etc.
  • Extremely high amount of sulphur in the outgoing gas which make HSE procedures more than crucial
  • Vast geographical area of the project execution site

Scope of Work

  • Telecommunication systems
    • ADSS fiber optic cable (Aerial self-support cable) used as physical connection between the wellheads and data gathering centers, and subsequently with the control center; The cable has 6 optical cores and is installed on top of the 20kV power lines which already exist in the field
    • Ethernet switches for data transmission using the backbone of the network as a wide-spread Ethernet-based network; each well-head is equipped with an Ethernet switch which receives input signals from the RTU/PLC and transmits it to its corresponding gathering center over optical fiber. The core switches in the gathering centers and also Central Measuring Facilities (CMF) transmit data to the Control Center (CC) using redundant fiber cable lines with a bandwidth of 1000 Mbps.
    • IP-Based telephone replacing the outdated analog PABX and providing VoIP extensions to remote sites and also VoIP and normal digital extensions to office buildings and managers. The exchange also provides communication with ICOFC central offices in Mashhad and Tehran.
  • Control systems
    • RTUs and interfacing systems with the existing control panels
    • Wellheads’ control system revamping: installation, programming and commissioning of new PLCs
    • A control center consisting of a redundant LAN, which interconnects 2 SCADA servers, 2 SCADA operator consoles, 1 SCADA engineering console and 1 network management console; all servers and PCs are of industrial type. The HMI software installed on servers and consoles enables the engineers and operators to monitor up to 8192 tags. A modern video wall (4m x 2m) is used as the main display apparatus.

Scope of Supply

  • U-NODE SDH multiplexer
  • Access Multipexer
  • Hotline telecom and PABX
  • Synchronization system
  • VHF/UHF radio communication system
  • SOLAR panels  : Tenesol (France)
  • Battery : Platin Iran CO. (Iran)
  • UPS : PSP (Iran)
  • DC/AC PDB : Ashtian Tablo (Iran)
  • Telecommunication tower : Gord Electric (Iran)
  • Test Equipment including SDH/PDH analyzer, radio telecom test set, etc.