Total Solution Provision/

As a superior EPC contractor, our endeavor is to make effective use of the very best information, communication, industrial automation and security technologies to meet the arduous challenge of managing operational and business processes in a safe, secure and integrated manner for leading companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation, and power industries.

We provide optimized total solutions on a turnkey basis, which includes designing, building and commissioning networks (entirely or partly), where telecommunication and industrial automation systems integrate into a core backbone network, and such solution can be delivered partially or as a complete integrated system. Besides, participating effectively in the operation and maintenance phase of a project, we can reduce the operational costs of the network.

Our total solutions compose of telecommunication and SCADA systems that are best described as the nervous system of an oil & gas pipeline/plant, and without having them in place, safe and efficient management is almost impossible. Some of the main functionalities of such systems are

  • Enabling wired/wireless voice communication between the personnel and control centers
  • Creating integrated LANs and WANs through the pipeline or plant for data communication
  • Offering various services based on the aforementioned telecom backbone, including video conferencing, CCTV, voice messaging, etc.
  • Implementing a network of DCSs which provides reliable local control and monitoring.
  • Gathering data of hundreds or thousands of I/O points from different parts of the pipeline or plant into the CCRs through the telecom network, creating a SCADA
  • Enabling many useful services using the gathered data, including LDSs, PDSs, etc.

The scope of our solutions’ practices & products is depicted below.

The area of practices & products